Italian Coastline Summer journey

Our travel journey from our latest trip to the Italian Riviera. Local Italian cuisine, Breath taking mediterranean beaches & discover the magical towns of Santa Margarita Ligure, Portofino & Northern Italy

Italian coastline travel journey

This year we have decided to spend our summer holiday in the northern part and the coastline. After a short flight we have landed in the Milano Malpensa airport where we picked-up our car and started our drive towards the Italian city Como on the southern side of the famous lake Como.

Lake Como

Our trip to Como was a reunion trip as we visited the lake about 20 years ago. We arrived at night, and it was pouring rain as we checked in to our well Italian style decorated AIRBNB home which had 4 bedrooms a living room and a panoramic viewpoint of the city and lake. From Como you can visit both sides of the lake which we did but since we enjoyed more the right side of the lake, which was absolutely, better the other side with towns such as Menaggio.

We enjoyed the beautiful views of the lake from a narrow road highway which leads to the beautiful but touristic Nesso & Bellagio where you can enjoy a dip & a jump to the lake and a nice promenade and a shopping district with amazing Second-hand Italian furniture store. The real highlight of our visit to lake Como was Hotel Vila Aurora which is one of the lake side hotels which offers a private beach to the lake with a deck where you can relax and enjoy the lake and some tanning while the restaurant above sending you Local Italian dishes and drinks. 

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Italian Reviera

After a few days in sunny lake Como, we have decided to go on a road trip heading south along the Italian coastline towards the Italian Riviera.  After a few hours of drive on the Italian highway we arrived to Santa margherita Ligure which is the middle town between the more local Positano and the famous and rich Portofino.

As we didn’t book any room, we had to look for a place to stay and fortunately found and amazing hotel room with a beach view balcony with a view of the light blue & green water of Santa Margherita Ligure. We have visited all three towns and was wandering around one town to another including the Portofino reginal National Park and its famous but the thing we enjoyed the most were the Sunny crystal green blue water secluded beaches which are spread all over the main road between Santa Margherita and Portofino. All the beaches are accessible by foot and are perfect for a mid-day swim and relaxing.  

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Santa Margherita food

It’s hard to find a bad meal in Italy as every street corner Café is better than the last one with all of them serving Pastries Gelato and wine but the most unique one was “Pestriano” located in Via Palestro which has handmade pastries made from scratch every morning by the lady owner who also serves the town local old residence which is always a good sign for a good local place. Another restaurant you shouldn’t miss is “Ristorante Karalis” an authentic Italian chef restaurant which specializes in sea food and giving the Ligurian cuisine a Sardinian take. Don’t miss out on the Fried Ravioli glazed in orange sauce

To finalize we can clearly say that we enjoyed Santa Margherita the most between all 3 towns thanks to her less touristic vibe and “vacanza” atmosphere we felt there really at home and loved the local beaches and Local cuisine and café’s. this trip has ended as a memorable trip for us and the Italian riviera is a special place we will definitely come back and visit.