Summer In Portofino

A quick peek at the magical coastline of the italian reviera.
The insperation for some of the new 2021 tee collection. 

Ever since I can remember our family use to travel as much as we could. One of our family favourite places to travel to was Italy. From the first time we went, we felt at home. We’ve been back several times over the past two decades, and each time we embark on a new journey, exploring a new part of the country, discovering more magical places.
one of our favourite places to visit was the Italian Riviera coastline. Usually, our family trips are planed ahead of time, but this time we thought to switch it up a little bit. We started the trip in the Lombardy region and then drove towards the coastline area. The plan was to wander around and find a nice place to stay in.

We started the trip in the Lombardy region next to Garda Lake rented a car and then drove towards the coastline area through the never-ending beauty of Italy The plan was to wander around and find a nice place to stay in off-seasoned Portofino.

Where to stay

It was a journey to get to the coastline, we went on the road in the morning time and arrived late afternoon. The goal was to find a place to stay in ‘Portofino’, and travel the area. After a few hours of driving, we arrived to the magical Italian coastline and on our way to the famous summer “Vacanza” town Portofino. Right before we arrived we passed along two magical and less known towns: Santa Margherita Ligure & Positano. Santa Margherita is the next coastline town to Portofino and she maintains the same magical feeling but in a more authentic feel.

We ended up staying in a hotel located on the coastal strip of Santa Margherita Ligure which is a walking distance from Portofino. Santa Margarita Ligure Is incredibly central and has a relaxed perfect “vacanza” atmosphire, great places to eat and drink and is just a walk away from Portofino and Positano (extremly beutifull). the prices were much chipper then the Portofino so definitely worth checking if you’re planning on a trip to Portofino


Where to dine

It’s next to impossible to find a bad meal in Italy. Every street corner has another cafe better than the last one, with fresh pastries, gelato, and wine. For that and for meals that will leave an impression, here’s our recommendation.

Pestarino – It’s a true local cafe located in via Palestro. Sit outside, order A freshly ground espresso and the homemade pastries that the lady owner makes every day from scratch. The waitres speaks broken English but good enough to order. One important thing is that you’ll notice it’s more of a local Italian crowd sitting in, mostly elderly women who come every day at the same time.

Ristorante karalis – this is an authentic Italian chef restaurant. A Sardinian take on the Ligurian cuisine, the food has a light feel to it. Handmade pasta and sea food is their speciality! One thing you have to try the fried ravioli glazed in orange sauce for dessert. (one for the books)
The place is a bit small so you may have to wait or make a reservation ahead of time, But totally worth it. Really nice people, great service and amazing chill luxurious atmosphere.

What to see

Portofino reginal national park- protected coastal area with breath taking views all around. A lot of hiking paths along a great variety of plants & wildlife. If you can take the longer walk to get to the lookout point where you will find a little café with a never-ending view to the sea.

Coastal strip – if you walk from Santa Margherita in the direction of Portofino by the coastline, you will find many secluded beaches to wonder of, off the main road. Most of the time you can find one that is not packed with people so you can catch a nice quite swim in the Ligurian Sea.
along the trip of course you’ll find endless places to take pictures and get inspired by the unmatched natural views.

This summer trip ended to be one of the most memorable trips we’ve ever been on and also a big part of our opening (2021) collection in LEGEROU. Our “Portofino” tee is a constant reminder of this dream summer atmosphire back in the Italian coastline

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